January 21, 2009

2009 CES

First, from the show floor and press conferences the LCD titans were pushing LCDs with 240Hz and 3D capabilities.

The latest in ultra-thin is the Objet AMOLED. Shown here is LG's version.

Palm Pre

The much anticipated new Palm smartphone did not disappoint. From the wireless sync/power dock, to the new Palm OS, this thing looks like it may deliver as promised. Unfortunately promised deliveries won't happen until June, or so.

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

Logitech showed a bunch of new keyboards, like this ultra-thin model.

Belkin "Go Studio"

Go mobile using this to record audio content onto an iPod, then quickly share it. Great podcasting tool.

Roving Webcam

The Rovio mobile webcam is a WiFi enabled home and office explorer that can be controlled remotely from anywhere using a web-enabled device.

Shure mic adaptor

The Shure X2 is a long awaited XLR-to-USB adaptor.

Mattel "Mind Flex"

Mind control comes to the toystore.

January 7, 2009

CES 2009 PRESS DAY, Wednesday Jan 7.....

Conferences covered: LG, NetGear, Samsung, Panasonic.

LG Press Conference

LG showed their latest in LCD's, mobile electronics, etc.... But the biggest crowd pleaser was their wrist watch smart phone, Dick Tracy style.

Stylish Bluetooth earing:

Netgear Press Conference

Netgear highlighted three new media appliances: 3G mobile broadband router, an Internet TV player, and the "Digital Entertainer Elite." They mentioned that the Internet TV player is web enabled, including for p2p streaming (i.e. Bitstream). The studios can't be enthralled about this capability.

Panasonic Press Conference

Panasonic's pitch for 3D in the home included a fairly compelling recorded testimonial by James Cameron. He is "convinced 3D viewing is the future for home video and workstations." Panasonic is developing a 3D Blu Ray authoring system which is to be ready to roll in their Hollywood facility next year.

SAMSUNG Press Conference

With their new line of "Luxia" LED displays Samsung, like the other manufacturers, touts 240Hz capability.

Samsung also weighed in on the march to home 3D with their offering: the 2233RZ monitor.

Small camcorder, big storage: The HMX-H106 records onto the latest 64GB solid state drive.

January 6, 2009

CES 2009 - Tuesday night "CES Unveiled" Press Event

Krown Manufacturing will be releasing a sign language translator for $199. Input text, and a video plays of a signer translation.

Cinemin has two Pico class projectors, the "Swivel" and "Stick"

Logitec has a collection of new controllers... keyboard with on board display, ergo-gaming controller, and latest wireless a/v remote.

Asus showed the M50 media laptop with a secondary 4.3 LCD touch display/computer in place of the touch pad. The smaller computer/display runs for hours without taxing the main unit.

Among Lenovo's new Thinkpads is the W700d which has a slide-out 2nd screen, and a miniature Wacom tablet.